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Currently I am an English teacher in an Islamic Secondary School. I have been teaching English since 1997. Besides teaching I am also assisting my principal to manage everything related to the school curriculum and attempt to improve the quality of teachers to be professional teachers at school.

Sabtu, 23 April 2011

My Career (2)

Coming back from Australia in December 2000, in January 2011 I directly joined the teacher training at MTsN Model Trenggalek. My school was the model school for the other MTs around it. My school became the centre of studying together so that the teachers could use the facilities in MTsN Model Trenggalek to improve their students'' knowledge because there were more facilities such as: electro and sewing skills, library, etc.

As we still had a project called BEP (Basic Education Project), so I had to help the teacher training held at my school. My trainees came from the other MTs around Wilayah Kediri III (Trenggalek, Kediri Selatan, Tulungagung and Ponorogo). At that time, I was the Facilitator and the core teacher of English subject, assisting the keynote trainers from UNESA. I really enjoyed the teacher training because I always enjoyed helping other teachers on the matters related to learning and teaching English as a Foreign Language. 

We called the training as In-service Training because the trainees did it in their own home town. They had to stay in the dormitory at MTsN  Model Trenggalek until the training finished. I tried to be close with the trainees so that they could share their experience with me or asked some questions to me related to their teaching. I was happy when I did the monitoring to Ponorogo, I saw their ways of teaching and glad to see that some of them had implemented what they had got from the training.

In 2002, I had another retraining for the core teacher in FKBK Yogyakarta. I met most of my friends, the alumni of Deakin University, there. It was a kind of reunion for us. Coming back from Yogya we directly planned to hold the training under the same KKM (Kelompok Kerja Madrasah). 

After this activity, I never did any training. The project had finished, then I taught in some institutions. In 2001 actually I had taught English the students of Diplome2 at Mahesa Institute Pare, majoring in TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), Curriculum and Materials Development, Writing II and the Supervisor of the students' Real Teaching. Since 2002-2006 I taught English Department of STAIN Kediri, majoring in Speaking 1,2,3,4, TOEFL, TEFL, Writing 2 and a guide lecturer of students' thesis. In 2002-2003 I taught in STAI Trenggalek as well.

Sometimes I wondered myself how I could do this kind of commuting..........teaching in 5 different institutions...moving in 4 different cities in a week. How strong I was....hehehe.....

Finally, in 2005 my request to move to Jombang was accomplished.

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