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Currently I am an English teacher in an Islamic Secondary School. I have been teaching English since 1997. Besides teaching I am also assisting my principal to manage everything related to the school curriculum and attempt to improve the quality of teachers to be professional teachers at school.

Minggu, 17 April 2011

Studied at IKIP Surabaya

With classmates at IKIP Sby
This was the first time I lived far from my family. I had to live in a lodging house, fortunately there was a friend from the same town who helped me finding the house. I was lucky surrounded by nice and good friends.

I studied here for my Graduate (Strata 1). Actually it was hard for my family to fund my study in the university as my father was only a worker in a factory. However, I had a high motivation to be successful in my life. Thus, I studied hard to pass the UMPTN (Ujian Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri) so that I could attend the state university. Alhamdulillah I could pass the exam and studied in The English Department of IKIP Surabaya. I chose English because since I was in Junior High School I liked English very much.

In this campus I had good friends and even I found someone special. My best friends and I had spent a lot of time to study together, go somewhere together, support each other when someone felt desperate and de-motivated, then we tried to give courage and spirit.

Apart from that, I felt that my study was not so optimal. I didn't know why. My achievement was not very good, but not so bad either. There were too many things on my head, thus I couldn't maximize my score. Besides, there were lots of theoretical things which needed to be processed in my brain without any practices.

Finally, I could finish my study at IKIP Surabaya for 4 years. My IP was only 2.75, but that's OK.....alhamdulillah...

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