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Currently I am an English teacher in an Islamic Secondary School. I have been teaching English since 1997. Besides teaching I am also assisting my principal to manage everything related to the school curriculum and attempt to improve the quality of teachers to be professional teachers at school.

Senin, 11 April 2011

My Childhood

I live in a small village, called Canggon, Ngudirejo, Diwek, Jombang. In 1976 still there was no electricity, but I still didn't care about it coz I thought no need for me to think of it. The situation was still virgin..I mean I could see a lot of trees everywhere. There were only few houses around the village. Even my parents' house was in the middle of the small woods consisting of bamboo trees, wild grasses and bushes.

The first time I remembered my childhood was when I was about 5 years old. I didn't live with my own family, but with my great aunt who did't have any child. You can imagine how spoiled I was at that time as I became the only child of my great aunt. Crying was the only thing I did spoiled. I remember that I never played with my friends in the neighbourhood, but I liked to spend my daily activities with my great aunt and other family. Wetting was also something I disgusting...but as a child I still couldn't control myself to urinate in the proper place or in the toilet.

When I was 7 years old my father took me to an Elementary School in my village. Without attending the kindergarten I directly attended the school, SDN Ngudirejo I. As a student I was considered diligent and clever. It was proved when I got the Report of my achievement at school, I always got the highest mark though in Year I, I was sick and had to get an operation in the hospital. 

As other children I spent most of my time by playing together with my friends such as: hide and seek, rope skipping, marbles, hopscotch, etc. One day after school, my friends and I went to visit our classmate from another village. We didn't ask permission first to our parents. OMG..What have I done? Suddenly my grandma was looking for me to this village. She was so upset and asked us to get home directly. At home, my great aunt was very angry. She brought me to the well, then she took a pail of water and poured it to me. She did it several times, thus I got difficulty to breathe. Of course, I was crying all the time and said 'I won't do it again..I won't do it again...oh so funny, right? I know that she did it to me because she loved me.

Along with my growing age, I decided to live with my own parents because I thought I could ask everything I need to them as my great aunt worked alone, no one gave her money. It would be hard for her to have me as her burden.  So it would be better if I moved to my parents. My parents were not rich people, but at least my father had a permanent job as an employee in a sugar company in Jombang. Meanwhile, my mother was a creative housewife who always tried to help my father to earn for a living before she got a stroke up to now.

I spent my school days happily, no problems. What I was thinking at that time was studying and studying. I really enjoyed being with friends. We worked our assignments together. Sometimes we studied together at night in my house and of course my friends always relied on me in all subjects. They thought that I was good at any subjects at school. Yeeaaaah...that's ok, but I was not that good...

The final Exam came and my friends and I, helped by all teachers, had tried hard for that. And...alhamdulillah..I'd got the best among all of my friends.....of course I wanted to attend the best school in Jombang. My parents didn't mind if I attended the favourite school, SMPN 1 Jombang. Though it's hard because I had to do the test first, at last I did it.........horreeeyyyyy.......

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