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Currently I am an English teacher in an Islamic Secondary School. I have been teaching English since 1997. Besides teaching I am also assisting my principal to manage everything related to the school curriculum and attempt to improve the quality of teachers to be professional teachers at school.

Rabu, 13 April 2011

My Teenage Life (2)

It started when I entered the Senior High School, SMAN2 Jombang. I was very excited to study here. I realized that there must be lots of genius students, but it wouldn't bother me. The most important thing was I could study well, got many things to learn and was taught by good teachers. 

In the second year, I specified my major in Culture Program. I studied English, Germany, Cultural History, Indonesian and Literature, Social Anthropology and how to write Arabic script. Hmmm....still I liked languages, English and Germany. I did well in the second year as I got the highest score for all subjects.

In the third year, I didn't like some of the teachers, thus it influenced my achievement. I was not in the first rank anymore, but I never lost my courage to study. That's ok....

My friends were nice to me, either my classmates or schoolmates. As my Junior High School friends, they were from different economic background. Some of them were naughty, some were nice, some were creative, some were lazy, some were diligent, some were arrogant, some were snobby. Someone I admired didn't like me, but someone who I didn't like, liked confusing....but very funny. 

The extracurricular activities were the most favourable things for me. I joined the scout activity, the Teenager Red Cross group, Kulintang music group and traditional dancing. On holidays once we went to Magetan for camping, once in Sumberboto Jombang. As the member of  the Red Cross team I liked to help students who got accidents or just collapsed at school. I practiced Kulintang music and traditional dancing regularly. Once I performed a Minak Jinggo dance in my farewell party at school....

The final exam came...and I had to do 6 subjects and got 54 for my NEM.....

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