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Currently I am an English teacher in an Islamic Secondary School. I have been teaching English since 1997. Besides teaching I am also assisting my principal to manage everything related to the school curriculum and attempt to improve the quality of teachers to be professional teachers at school.

Selasa, 12 April 2011

My Teenage Life (1)

Graduating from the Elementary School and attending the favourite school in the city, SMPN 1 Jombang was an exciting experience for me. I had prepared myself mentally and physically to adapt the new environment there. I was the only one from my elementary school who attended the school, so I didn't have anyone I knew before. My friends came from various family. Most of them came from the haves, only a few of them were the same as me, from the moderate family. But, it didn't make me feel bad. I had courage and spirit to study. The most important thing for me was I could follow all the lesson. I didn't want to be left behind from  friends. But it's really hard. Most of my friends were selected students and of course most of them were very brilliant. Fortunately, I found many good teachers who assisted me. For example, I found a math teacher who was very clever, Pak Rudi. He had made me impressed with his explanation on math. I really hated math, but with him I found it easier to do math...amazing....oh Pak Rudi...thank you very much I got 8 in my NEM for math. But still, English was my favourite subject. My English teacher was Bu Tin. What I remember most was when she used the Total Physical Response approach. I really enjoyed it.

In this school I learned different kinds of ethnic groups. I learned a lot of things: dancing, singing, music, reading many kinds of novels, listening to English songs. Actually I like singing and dancing since I was still in elementary school. My teacher often asked me to represent my school though I never got a prize...hehehe... In this school I tried to learn lots of things. Among those I mentioned above, I enjoyed joining the scout activity. I liked to have camping in the mountain because I could learn the friendship, togetherness, responsibility, confidence, how to survive in a very limited condition, how to help injured people, how to think and work quickly,  and so forth. 

The final Exam...came and I got quite good marks....5 subjects and I got 46 in my NEM.....horreeey....and this was the ticket to enter the best Senior High School, SMAN 2 Jombang.....

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